Books by Kent Groethe

  • Winning, Losing, Loving

    Winning, Losing, Loving

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    Item NF4003, soft cover, 126 pages, ISBN 0979552680, 2011.


    A close reading of the Old Testament dispels the notion that it is dominated by God’s judgment and retribution. Instead we find that although human sin and rebellion is never-ending, God’s great love for sinners is the centerpiece of the narrative. God’s grace dominates the Old Testament story, and we are amazed to find the passionate, relentless love that God lavishes upon those who often reject Him.

  • Miracles & Milestones

    Miracles & Milestones

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    Item NF4002, soft cover, 127 pages, ISBN 0976836556, 2006.


    Pastor Groethe has heard many marvelous and miraculous stories of God encounters from his twenty years as a Lutheran pastor. In Miracles & Milestones he shares thirty-five of these epiphanies that are sure to deepen your faith in Jesus Christ and remind you of the awesome presence of God and His ability to care for His children.

  • Hearing God

    Hearing God

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    Item NF4001, soft cover, 154 pages, ISBN 0976836548, 2005.


    God is constantly speaking to us in order to communicate His love, comfort us in our affliction, guide in personal affairs, and lead us into more effective service. Even though God is communicating to us all the time we are often deaf to His voice. Hearing God is intended to make the reader more aware of the divine voice and more curious about hearing it on a regular basis.

  • Adult Bible Studies

    Adult Bible Studies

    These Bible studies are suitable for women’s and men’s groups, adult small group studies, as well as high school and young adult groups.

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  • Confirmation Curriculum

    Confirmation Curriculum

    This Confirmation material covers the Lord’s Prayer, the 10 Commandments, and an overview of the Bible.

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  • Spiritual Life Resources

    Spiritual Life Resources

    These resources help create spiritual habits such as daily devotions, Bible reading, and daily prayer. Also great for congregational challenges.

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